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Registration for School year 2022-2023 Classes is open 

RETURNING FAMILIES: Please take the time to update student  and contact information in your portal! 


Registration fees will be added for new students, and for students who are due in August/September as we process registrations.  They may not be automatically reflected in your account at the time of enrollment, depending when your student started.  

Please take time to read through the policies and procedures on our website, and feel free to ask any questions you have. 


PLEASE NOTE: We will continue to expect parents to wait OUTSIDE the building during class times! Students will come to the door when their class is over.  

**While the policy began as a covid measure, we quickly realized what a significant distraction it was for students and staff when parents, siblings, etc are in the building.  Without that distraction our students can focus better, learn skills more quickly, and we have fewer injuries.  


* We will have 6 “Parent Watch” weeks spread throughout the year when parents may come in to watch  Dates include: Oct 10-15, Nov 28-Dec 3, Jan 16-21, Feb 27-March 4, April 10-15, and May 22-27.  We will send email reminders before each of those weeks. 

*Preschool students will be brought to the door to be dismissed to parents at the end of class.  We ask you to remain outside until then.  

* Parents of NEW students may come briefly in at the beginning of the student’s first class, until they are settled into our warm up

*You are welcome to look in through any of our windows or doors during classes, but we do ask that you are mindful of not creating a distraction when you do so.

* You may come inside to the desk for payments, makeup scheduling or questions.  


Payments for each 4 week segment will be due the following weeks:

September 7

October 5

November 2

December 5

January 9

February 6

March 6

April 3

May 1


We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday November 23-Nov 26, and for the Christmas/New Year holiday December 25-December 31.

Payment period will be extended to include 4 classes for all students within the payment period for the Thanksgiving and Christmas break. 

A non-refundable membership fee of $30 is collected each year to provide a secondary accident insurance policy for all members. 
We hope to never need to use the policy but it is a necessary coverage for the gym and our students. Please confirm that your membership is current for the year.  Membership fees are valid for one year from the date the fee was paid.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Class descriptions and age ranges - info here.

Class schedule - here

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